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Risk Analysis

Understand and work to strengthen your organization’s security with a risk analysis  from Zephyr Global. We have more than 20 years of experience in risk assessment initiatives involving information security, contingency planning and compliance.

Compliance Assessments

Once a compliance architecture has been developed and implemented, it is necessary to govern that architecture through assessment to ensure that the original requirements are appropriately realized within an organization. Compliance reviews and assessments of implementation provide a mechanism for organizations to verify that they are indeed in compliance with their regulations.

Security Consulting

Information security issues can place your users and clients at risk, weaken your profitability, and invite fines from compliance and regulatory organizations. Zephyr Global can help you identify, evaluate and mitigate your vulnerabilities, strengthening your security foundation, compliance integrity and overall risk management.

Compliance Consulting

Compliance mandates are becoming more and more difficult to integrate into modern organizations. The consultants at Zephyr Global  have decades of experience aiding organizations with current compliance needs as well as integrating multiple compliance mandates into a single organizational compliance program.

Policy and Procedure Development

Policies and Procedures are the foundations on which organizations are built and succeed. Let Zephyr Global help with your IT policies and procedures, security policies and procedures or compliance based policy needs, such as HIPAA, NIST or ISO. We will provide fully custom policies and procedures for your organization or customize your current sets.

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We have been doing Cybersecurity before it was a thing. Our techniques are used at many of the major firms, and in many cases it's us doing the work for them.